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CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews – A Biggest Scam In the Name of Supplement

CB1 Weight Gainer Reviews

Nowadays internet is becoming full of scam, and many low-level companies are selling their low-level product.

I am tired of supplement scam. There are many websites selling chemicals in the name of supplements, and in this series of supplement scam today I am exposing Cb1 weight gainer with an article Cb1 weight gainer reviews.

Why Cb1 weight Gainer is So popular?

The popularity of products directly depends upon the effectiveness of the product. But This concept doesn’t apply with this Cb1 weight gainer.

There are two reasons why this product is getting so much hype even it is not useful and have some severe side effects.

They also claim that cb1 weight gainer is a weight gain pills that work fast. But the truth about this product is different.

1. They are promoting their product through affiliate networks where they offer 30 percent on each sale. Those greedy bloggers and YouTubers write positive reviews to get a 30 percent commission.

Those bloggers and YouTubers even don’t know the ingredients side effects, and they don’t have any knowledge about products.

2. They use fake photos of different bodybuilders to create a hype. They post images of the well-maintained body. Here is a funny thing There is no any supplement that can give you a well-maintained body without workouts.

Without workouts and gym, there is no way of getting such a ripped body, but cb1 weight gainer claims their product will gain weight and make it like a workout body. Bullshit!

cb1 weight gainer is claiming that their product is made up of natural ingredients and have no any side effects.according to them cb1 weight gainer is a clinically tested, made in USA product. But I asked for an Approved statement which is necessary to provide for consumer and they can’t.

All the products related to health that are made in the USA must be approved by FDA, but Cb1 weight gainer hasn’t got any approval from FDA.

For Example, D-bal is also a weight gainer or muscle gainer by crazy company bulk which is an FDA approved. They have provided approval application on site for costumes.

Cb1 weight gainer pays 30% commission for each sale

Nowadays, The key to popularity has become an affiliate. Many scam supplements have become popular because of those affiliate commission. Many newbies want to earn online.

Many websites and youtubers promote this product by writing good reviews or making review videos because they will get 30 percent commission on each sale.

Suppose if I buy a product through reviews link a reviewer will get 30 percent that is 15$.

cb1 weight gainer cost 50$, and after subtracting commission the store will get only 35$ by selling a fake supplement that is made up of mixing 5$ milk powder with few amount whey protein and selling it for 35$ which is the biggest scam in the name of weight gain supplement. This can also make you clear that how much does cb1 cost in real.

On each sale, 15$ is not a small amount, so many bloggers write fake positive reviews to get a commission.

Many website owners even don’t know about supplements. I have seen many websites writing counterfeit reviews by reading official website information.

They are just copying information from an official website and writing it in their way so they can rank on google.

To make you a victim they post fake photos of before and after and tell you a false story of them even, they haven’t used cb1 weight gainer in real life.

Now let me show you some proof and expose those fake promoters who promote that product to earn a few dollars and make you a victim.

Have a look at some of the youtube videos where you can find affiliate link.

They just tell you good thing about cb1 weight gainer and ask you to buy this product, and they get a huge commission.

You can go and check out those videos they all will tell you good thing about cb1 and check their description you will find an affiliate link which will provide them a vast commission if you buy from them.

I already made you clear about cb1 weight gainer store in this cb1 weight gainer reviews.

cb1 weight gainer reviews

FDA Approved Weight gainer Supplement alternatives to Cb1

All Positive Reviews On cb1 weight gainer

When one of my friend first time tried this product back in December, he never got a result and didn’t even gain a single lbs so he decided to write reviews on this store, and the funny thing is they don’t allow negative reviews at all.

Now let’s have a look on ingredients that are used to make the cb1 weight gainer.

Here Are some actual Reviews on Cb1 weight gainer after using This product.

This is the review I found on site that is promoting this product writing good reviews but on comments, you can read bad reviews and this is proof what actual review looks like.

cb1 customer reviews

cb1 real reviews


Cb1 Weight Gainer Ingredients

cb1 weight gainer ingredients

Seriously you are selling those ingredients in 50 dollar.

Vitamin D3 mostly used as dietary supplements have on 1500 Lu which you can get from daily food.

What is a point of buying this supplement when all of the ingredients we can get from regular food?

An ordinary man needs an 11-mile gram of zinc daily, and this product has only 6 milligram which is a complete joke.

Zinc is what we need to gain weight, but Here main ingredients even can’t meet a daily requirement then what is the meaning of buying this product in 50 dollars.

(You can Read Zinc For Weight Gain)

 Cb-1 weight Gainer side effects

I haven’t seen any products that don’t have side effects. Every supplement has side effects.

If you find side effects on other reviews of cb1 weight gainer, you will never see because they are there to brainwash you.

Cb1 have side effects that can harm your health I a serious way. Although it depends on you how much your body can handle.

Here are some side effects which can harm your health. Here are some Cb-1 weight gainer side effects.

1.upset stomach                                                          2.nausea                                                                      3.diarrhea                                                                    4.Fail In Digestive system

Now I want to finish this article because I can tell and expose many things about this product but I don’t want to waste time on this bull shit product.

I hope you got the point and knew that this product is completely bull shit.

Now what,?

This is what you may be thinking off right! Is there no other supplements that can help me to gain weight.

I would personally suggest you use diet plans and eat more. The only key for weight gain is consuming more and more.

If you eat protein-rich food, you will gain weight in short periods of time.

If you are looking for help that supplements can do, then I would personally suggest you use D-bal which is FDA approved products and have protein-rich ingredients.

i have used this product and have gained 15lbs in just two months which is insane.

Why D-bal as weight Gainer?

  • FAST Muscle Gains
  • ENHANCED Nitrogen Retention
  • SUPER Strength and Stamina
  • INCREASED Focus and Drive
  • NO Needles or Prescriptions
  • RAPID RESULTS Within 30 Days
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D-bal Is an FDA approved which helps to gain muscle and also increase your strength. It has also got a premium certificate as a supplement store.


Read D-bal reviews to know more

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