Best Fat Burners For Women And Men 2019 Top Diet pills List

There are a lot of fat burners in the market, and it’s tough to choose One product from many options.

To make you comfortable, In this article, we are providing you some Best fat burners for women and men.

After this article, believe me, you will be able to decide the best fat burners for you. Want to boost up some energy while workout Here is Best Gym motivational Quotes.

Here I will tell you everything about listed products. Sound awesome right! 

Best Fat Burners for Women And Men

best fat burners for women

Whether you are bodybuilding or merely looking to cut down some extra fat to get into the summer body, it is always good to know the recommended Best Fat Burners for women in 2018.

Depending upon your type of workout and body goals it’s great to have some help for achieving your body goals.

The methods of reducing weight are always laborious, and it can get frustrating when the scale does not budge an inch even after months of hard work.

The process for the supplements available in the market for weight loss can range from pretty expensive to extremely costly. We hope the women were watching out for a good supplement will find this list helpful.

 One of the best things about those fat burners are (Men and women can use all listed products without any serious side effects.) 

Fat Burner NameSupportTypePrice
PhenQ (editor choice) 24×7 live Chat Capsules Check Price
Clenbutrol 24x7Live Chat Capsules Check Price
Forskolin 250 24x7Live Chat Capsules Check Price
Garcinia Extra 24x7Live Chat Capsules Check Price
Garcinia Cambogia 24x7Live Chat Capsules Check Price
Phen24 24x7Live Chat CapsulesCheck Price

 all of the products are FDA approved products, so They are medically proven weight loss pills.  

When it comes to maintaining the body shapes and getting perfect body weight, women are naturally more conscious about it. The slight addition of belly fats can make them go crazy.

Although man is also concerned about their weight so here are some powerful, and best fat burners for women and men also can be used by overweight women.

Not just for looking young, many a time, losing weight helps a lady in safeguarding them from the growing aged risk of Osteoporosis, and in young ladies, it helps in maintaining their normal sexual ability too.

And so giving much importance to the weight losing session of girls, they evolved some great remedial products for the women to cut off fat without having much hassle.

You should keep in mind that losing weight by natural means is the best way. Much the ingestion of artificial chemicals more is the hamper to our GI tract and, to the whole body itself.

Artificial materials cause our body’s standard defensive mechanism to go weak, but still, to make some milestone easier, it’s better to take some supplements in smaller dosage. Here are some of the best fat burner for women and men with most beneficial outcomes:

1-Phenq – (Best Fat Burners for Women and Men)

Buy phenq

Being aware of the progressively obese world, people are surely getting concerned about their physical health. They are actively against getting fat .phenq is the women best fat burner pills.

Apart from working out hard, having controlled diet, there is also a need to have a perfect supplement to support and accelerate the fat burning process.

And that’s what PhenQ is designed for An extreme, gym-freak-friendly supplement helping obese .people to have hopes on their life again by magically cutting the fats..

Based on the outcome of cutting-edge research, PhenQ is one of the best fat burners for women and men ruling the m.arkets these days.

If you want to read the story of my brother and his journey with phenq you can read Phenq Reviews and story.

Nevertheless, beyond doubt, a secret ingredient in the supplement is giving it a front foot over all other supplements in such a short span of time.

As per the manufacturer, it can attack fats from all possible angles. And this is the unique theory by which the PhenQ works.

PhenQ Ingredients

Whatever supplements you are taking, its ingredients mean a lot. Low-quality ingredients and toxic or harmful excipients may result in adverse effect on the health of the supplement taker. 

All those ingredients are natural and have only minor side effects, so phenq is considered as the best weight loss supplements also can be used as fat burners for women and best that gives a 100%.

It should always be kept in mind to check the ingredients and its percentile composition in the preparation to estimate the effectiveness of the supplement, still before buying. And it is the principal point which everyone forgets to notice. 

Another point to note is that whether the ingredients are synergistic or not. Coming to the composition of PhenQ, it contains the following main components, in sufficient amounts and adequately synergized:

Capsimax powder, which comprises of different fat burners like piperine, caffeine, capsicum, and niacin, is the thermogenic part of PhenQ.

Calcium Carbonate which acts as a stopper of undesired and especially saturated fatty acids from getting integrated into the body and accumulate as fats.

An appetite suppressor, Chromium Picolinate, is also present which acts as the killer of the hunger in the body, to minimize intake of an excess of foods. Thus the agency would get rid of frequent cravings for carbohydrates and fats.

Caffeine, an energy booster, keeps the body energized to have ongoing workout session. Apart from it, when body energy level is high, the body can effectively start killing fats.

It has Nopal, which acts as water eliminator from the body. Thus it is a unique ingredient that helps to wash out excess fats or fluids into the bloodstream for elimination.

Another great ingredient is L-Carnitine Fumarate that drives excess unwanted fats to the mitochondria for its metabolism and usage as fuel to supply energy.


PhenQ has numerous ways to burn fats in the body, all of which has complimentary action and have mutual coordination with one another. But how it does this? It’s claimed that PhenQ accelerates the metabolic rate and thus burning calories faster than ever.

Apart from just burning down calories, PhenQ also has a specific mechanism to hold down integration of further fats or even anabolism of lipids within the body.

It kills the hunger and keeps the energy threshold higher so that calorie burning would keep on going. 

And as said before, the PhenQ has a secret ingredient that proves to be advantageous in the case is Lacy’s reset whose blend formula is kept a top secret by the manufacturer.

It is believed to provide prevention of creating new fat cells from the body. And not only words, but it’s also clinically proven that Lacy’s reset effectively helps in cutting extra 7.24% fat of body.

Pros Of PhenQ

There are many pros of the extensively marketed product. The pros of PhenQ exceeds the cons of it in many ways; the following are the main pros and reasons for choosing PhenQ over other products: √Each and every constituent are individually proven, chemically.

The supplement effectively suppresses appetite.

The accumulated fats are effectively cut down.

It helps in prevention of production of new fats cells by the secret ingredient it has.

Burns calorie was effectively irrespective of gender.

Totally inexpensive product and released for usability of every class of society.

100% risk-free supplements.

It helps in improvement of your mood gradually.

Manipulates and elevates the body heat for speeding up the fat burning process.

Not just of the physique, but it also enhances the memory and energy level. Boosts the stimulation with the use of caffeine. Completely natural pills.


Just like every supplement has its pros and cons, PhenQ is no exception. It may be one of the best-marketed supplements but not 100% full proof. There are still some cons that are needed to be rectified, and the research is still on. The notable cons of the supplement usage are:

It may sometime cause Diarrhoea and Nausea.

Sleeping disorders and headaches may be common. But you need not worry regarding the side effects as because most of those got well acquainted and sorted out with first few days of use.

Again if you follow the manufacturer recommended dosage and particular indications correctly, and then you will be getting better results, even with less or no side effects too! Like every time, it depends entirely on your mental and physical acceptance.

Though globally all Doctors, Health specialists, Nutritionist, Dietician and everyone is recommending using it. Apart from it, we can’t deny the strong feedbacks of satisfied customers regarding the usage of the product.

The before-after pictures of the clients speak it. At least you can have a try of this product, and it can be easily assured that you would love to adhere to this product itself.






Clenbutrol has almost similar performance enhancing and thermogenic properties of the popular weight loss supplement recommended by celebrities, Clenbutrol is a popular Store Crazy Bulk most selling product.

It works by increasing oxygen flow to blood which helps improve the ratio of fat burning and cardiovascular performance. Clen will help you to get the ripped body of your dreams.

Clenbutrol is mostly used by the athlete to burn body fat, and many of them have already considered clenbutrol as a best fat burners for women as well as man.

The essential function of thermogenic supplements is that it raises your body temperature which creates the need for your body to increase BMR or basic metabolic rate. With your ramped up metabolism, your body will be forced to use all the stored up fat for shaping your daily energy needs, giving you a ripped and lean mass.

If you want to build impressive body and gain some muscle and increase strength, then I would prefer you to read about similar products Best steroids for men and also read Steroids for women that works.

Clenbuterol was well known as the fat supplement when discovered. Apart from burning fats, it also had many positive effects, but it proved to be causing seductive effect and for which it got legally banned.

But since its widespread effect can’t be ignored so quickly, there emerged; from a series of research, Clenbutrol, a legal substitute for the former illegal steroid.

It has now become globally accepted and preferred fat burning steroid, and complimentary intake with gym works. Read Clen Reviews On Crazy Bulk

The Clenbutrol is a replica of the harmful steroid Clenbuterol HCl, that causes thermogenic effect, and boosts the weight-loss procedure, and preferred by many celebs these days. Its mechanism is entirely scientific based, that enhances cardiovascular activity by increasing Oxygen transportation rate, helping you to achieve your always dreamed lean and toned body.

Clenbutrol is of advanced mechanism, such that it can be easily punched with steroid alternatives like Winsol, Trenolol, Anvarol, etc.

Not only women but athletes and Gym freaks too follows a well-maintained lifestyle. And to have a well toned and weight balanced body, the anabolic steroids were in use for long.

And one of the famous potent steroids is the Clenbuterol, which was manufactured actually to treat the disorders of breathing.

But in spite of its conventional use, clenbuterol was called to be illegal, and so a supplement in replacement of the former and a  legal alternative was found and became famous as Clenbutrol.

The numerous life-threatening side effect of the precursor steroid was successfully taken away with the Clenbutrol and being ideal thus. It found its use in capsules and pills as the best fat Burner For women and men. The ingredients of the Clenbutrol are as follows:

  • Extract of Guarana
  • Citrus aurantium
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Nicotinamide

The active ingredients in clenbutrol are of high quality and with tested issues only. Neither of the compositions has an antagonistic effect thus there is no harm or fear of adverse or toxic effect in the body of the supplement taker.

Moreover, the ingredients are 100% natural, and so the risk of side effects are generally low. The elements are as follows:

Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, which has HCA, which is well known for its appetite suppressant quality.

Besides it also cause stimulation of fat metabolism. The presence of the peel of Citrus Aurantium or bitter orange contains the chemical Synephrine, which boosts the lipolysis and thermogenesis in the body.

Contains high concentration of Guarana seed extract.

Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3, is also present, which is an ideal constituent for the people desired to lose extra fats and curbs and turning them into energy for body’s upgraded performances.

Pros Of ClenButrol

Increases metabolism.

Increases oxygen flow to your heart, giving you a performance boost.

You will get longer lasting workout sessions.

Fat burning occurs round the clock all day.

Cons Of ClenButrol

Tprice tag is on the higher side as this is a premium product.

There are three capsules that has to be taken daily, a routine that can be difficult to follow for many.

You cannot buy this product from normal retailers.

Read full Clenbutrol Reviews

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Forskolin 250 is another supplement that is legally owned and distributed by Bauer Nation, a UK based manufacturer for sports and weight loss supplements and also works as a fat burner.

With an objective to give you a leaner and sexier physique, Forskolin promotes fat burning effectively, increases blood flow by vasodilatation, upgrades immune system and sharpens memory, helps in the betterment of metabolic levels, etc.

It is an Instant knockout fat burner and works like a natural flow because it uses roots of forskolin and many customers already reviewed it as a best fat burners for women.

Though its a supplement, the Bauer exclaims that its wholly derived from the Plectranthus barbatus, plant roots, making it 100% pure and organic supplement. Even its found to have an anti-cancerous and hypertension relaxing agent too.

The Forskolin 250 is composed of 250 mg pure root extract of Coleus forskohlii, which is also said to be 200% standardized Forskolin. Forskolin is considered to be the ideal supplement for the women since it can reduce body fat percentage while keeping the bone mass increment intact.

Though it’s completely organic and safe, then also its recommended having a consulted intake. Those reasons Forskolin250 is on the list of best fat burners for women and men.

Forkskolin 25o will give your body a fresh start by detoxing your body of all the harmful toxins. It is a natural product and cleanses your body of free radicals, oxidants and toxic waste accumulated in your fat cells.

One of the ultimate challenges that most of the global population faces nowadays is the fact of losing obesity. It’s one of the toughest jobs, nutritionally too.

To accompany and lessen the burdens of fats laden curbs and bellies here is introduced a naturally curved fat losing supplement capsule Forskolin 250.

These capsules have proved its worth in diminishing the fat-laden body parts by keeping the metabolic activity high enough.


Forskolin is said to be an extraordinary discovery of the era which is also known as coleus forskohlii. It’s an exotically-extracted, chemical compound, collected from the roots of Plectranthus Barbatus or Laminaria plant.

This compound has been widely known to be a natural activator, controller and a regulator of adenylate cyclase, which is again an enzyme that in turns controls lipid metabolism and pathway of glycogen.

Taking it as the main ingredient, later on, numerous pills and supplements have been crafted but, we would be going through the primitive only

The Forskolin has been believed to trigger the fluent formation of cAMP, and those catalyze the fat breaking enzyme secretion named, HSL.

That finally changes, causing the death of adipose tissues and strengthening of bones.

INGREDIENTS OF THE CAPSULE Just like numerous other capsules, the Forskolin 250 is made up of filter or excipient less natural, compositions only.

Pure Forskolin capsule has nothing much more than just pure Forskolin extract from the roots of Coleus, which is again standardized to make 200% before using it clinically in any supplements.

Besides forskolin extract, the capsule also contains, maintained percentage of Magnesium Stearate, Silicon dioxide, and HPMC capsule cell.


These herbal pills should be used by everyone wanting to lose their belly fats. This herbal diet pill serves many sexy features that make you love it:

1) There is nothing exceptional in this stuff that shuts your appetite unnaturally and so its completely, your body friendly.  Forskolin uses to metabolize the fats content with ease and smoothness over your guts.

2) As discussed earlier, the cAMP mechanism triggering and manipulating lipid controlling enzymes and thus helps in the utmost change in the get- up in few days at least.

3) Forskolin helps in increment of the lean bone mass of the subject taking the supplements, developing the muscular get up, helping him to get buff.

4) Free testosterone release is stimulated by the outflux of free testosterone that increases body’s internal environmental heat, helping in thermogenesis.

5)Among the other accessory benefits of this pill are, used in the treatment of asthma, constipation, bronchitis. It even lowers the risk of osteoporosis in the females.


We know that a natural and organic content does, barely have any side effects, but still, there is always some positive and negative side of everything. The supplement is highly risky for patients with cardiovascular disorders, for the fact that the supplement is proved to lower the BP.

Though the ingredients don’t antagonize themselves, they may form toxicity with other ongoing drugs and may cause fatal bio-reactions. It’s strictly advised, not to be taken before the age of 18 years and strongly a NO for pregnant ladies.


That’s the silliest question I have ever found! Yes, I mean the supplement that is ruling the market in this category, how can its effectiveness be questioned and doubted?

In fact, the mechanism of working of this compound is this is in this list of best fat burners for women.

Its concentration, i.e., 250mg has been proved to be much help in regards to killing the fatty acids from the adipose tissues.

Why need to go scientific? When the customer reviews, their sent photographs, speaks all? A completely safe, diet-friendly, obese-destructing plan, for everyone

It is also a product which loses weight without exercise. Perfect right!

All these things that affect your daily activity and performance that you probably don’t even realize are happening inside your body. The ingredients of the Forskolin are as follows:

•the root extract of Coleus forskohlii


Pros Of Forskolin

Causes your body to go into detox mode and release harmful toxins stored into cells.

 Increase Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss Results within Just a Few Weeks Break Down Stored Body Fat

Cons Of Forskolin

It may cause constipation as your body is trying to remove long accumulated impurities so that your digestive system can work properly.

Flatulence or bloating can be caused as a side effect of your cells releasing all the stored up gunk Some studies of forskolin has shown to point towards genotoxicity or destruction of DNA which could result in cell mutation or cancer.

Body tremors cough, restlessness and weakness are other minor side effects of the drug

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4-Garcinia Extra

The women struggling to get rid of their obesity should find this product of full benefits if in any case, the above two doesn’t suit her.

Garcinia Cambogia extra is a product formulated entirely on the natural composition alterations. It has become the best market claimer as fat killer these days. Garcinia extra is also another favorite product and works pretty well, so it is listed in the list of best fat burners for women and men.

Formulated with a large dosage of 1000mg per serving which is generally equivalent to approximately 60% HCA, which again helps in reducing fat and carbohydrate absorption in the body. Besides a day’s hassle full workout and gym, this supplement dose can add and enhance your daily routine for the far better outcome.

The ingredient of the Garcinia Extra is the perfect combo of garcinia cambogia extract; a pumpkin like fruit and natural extract of red Raspberry ketone. It is 100% organic and natural supplement reducing the risk of side effects.

This supplement is an extract of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, a native to South Asia which resembles tamarind closely in looks and taste. Women who have used Garcinia Cambogia had reported a loss of an additional 10 pounds per month when it was combined with exercise and diet.

Pros Of Garcinia Extra

It has dual action powers. Garcinia extract reduces body fat by preventing new fat cells from being created in addition to suppressing appetite.

Many women have reported seeing fat melt off their bodies, helping them achieve the dream figure they always wanted

It is a supplement that targets fat cells accumulated in stubborn parts of the body

Cons Of Garcinia Extra

Fuzziness of brain

Weakness maybe feel

if taken wrong diet Minor Trouble with digestion

BUY Garcinia Extra From Official Store

5-Garcinia Cambogia

In the list of Best fat burners For women and men Closely related to Garcinia Extra capsule, which has an additional Raspberry ketone extract, the former to have a well-handled reputation in the market of weight cutting supplements.

Derived entirely from the extract of an indigenous South Asian pumpkin like fruit named, Garcinia cambogia, it has a widespread positive effect on health issues.

They are like heaven to not only women, but all people resolved to lose weight, organically.

It inhibits the production of fats, burns fat, and increases their ratio. It could manage appetite giving you a feeling of fullness and reduce the overheating risk, and stimulates the levels of healthy serotonin.

The ingredient of this supplement is purely the fruit extract which contains principally HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid, which helps in maintaining the above functions without disturbing the CNS.

Though it may seem all way round right for the women, still they should be highly conscious while using it during pregnancy, and also in a person having lower blood sugar levels.

Besides this can also produce allergic reactions and Gastrointestinal issues. So consultancy before taking is highly appreciated

This supplement comes from the Malabar tamarind fruit, which has now become all the rage in the weight loss community for its effectiveness in reducing pounds off the scale. The HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia is knows to provide a boost to the metabolism, increasing the potential fat burning in the body.

Garcinia cambogia fruit extract is one of the best fat loss supplements and best fat burners for women, which is more or less like a small pumpkin, or slightly tomato. 

For the first time, this extract was obtained and processed under one of the best selected FDA approved facilities in the USA, for not compromising with the quality and result of the supplement intake.


Garcinia cambogia has numerous features that are mostly adorable to all the gym freaks.

No one can ignore the cravings for this supplement for obesity loss. Some attractive features of this extract are as follows:

  • This natural extract has been proved to contain 50% HCA which is shown to be able to block fat metabolism, suppress appetite and accelerate the fat loss rate, and increase them to three times the values that could be achieved by healthy diet plan.
  • It causes fluid circulation of the healthy serotonin level across the body thus causing energy level to rush upwards.
  • These extract capsules generally come with 500mg and 1000mg capsules. They don’t have any different than having the dosage counts altered

The main ingredients of the capsules that give the capsule the actual value of a perfect supplement are as follows:

1)  Garcinia Cambogia extracts with 50-60% hydroxycitic Acid.

2) Calcium 200mg

3)  Potassium 500mg

4)  Vegetable Cellulose


Since its a completely natural dietary supplement so the risk factors are so minor that even manufacturers, took it lightly and mentioned no such indications, but we would contra-indicate nursing and pregnant mothers.

  Or if someone is taking other drugs primarily, they are strongly advised to consult their physician before having these as it may cause any allergic reactions when getting combined with the effect of the present supplements. In fact mild headache, nausea may be prominent to the supplement taker.

Pros of Garcinia Cambogia

  • This supplement boosts weight loss and improves metabolism.
  • HCA is a known compound that reduces stress and eliminates fatigue.
  • Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite.
  • It also lowers blood cholesterol level.

cons of Garcinia Cambogia

  • Most of the claims of success of Garcinia comes from the users, but there is little clinical evidence to show for it
  • There is very less information on the clinical studies conducted on weight loss effects of Garcinia Cambogia.

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 Here comes the last but not the least dietary supplements for the women.

The name itself is suggestive of the distinct 24 hours working features.

One of the best modern day supplements, for cutting down calories overnight is PhenQ24 capsules also called the Phen24 tablets.

Its mainly designed to be dual functioning dietary pills which comprise of both the formulas for day and night intake.

. The two different pills have two different mechanism of action that balances the weight loss to full pace.

The day capsule works by elevating your energy level and thus favoring accelerated fat burning while the night formula eradicates the hunger cravings by killing the appetite.

But it’s always to be remembered that the capsules come to the person having full commitment to have the full-fledged on-going workout with the capsule intake; otherwise, the effect may become adverse.

Its an outcome of radical experiments on the section of weight loss supplements.

The supplements keep the metabolism activity elevated at the time of your rest and slept too, thus accelerating the fat burning process, too many folds.

But we need to have a balanced food intake with it for an outcome. It’s unique in its way as it works the whole day round.

Apart from maintaining the weight it also acts as the energy booster. The critical ingredients of Phen24  which is considered as a best fat burners  are:

Caffeine is present in the day formula, which acts as the stimulant, enhancing alertness and reducing tiredness to help keep the energy level much higher.

Guarana plant extract is clinically proven, and natural extract could boost thermogenesis and metabolism thus aiding fat melting.

Cayenne powder is also present in it. Aromatic amino acid, phenylalanine is present is the trace amount.

Iodine is present there as a chemical element. Manganese, Zinc Citrate, and Copper Sulphate, all are claimed to be present i9n the day formula as accessory ingredients

Next comes the issue of Night formula. As it has the entirely different mechanism for acting and cutting unwanted fats out of the fat body, so definitely it would have different ingredients which are as follows:

Glucomannan; a plant sugar is present

Chromium Picolinate Biotin or Vitamin H Choline bitrate, which is a compound obtained from the soy Chemical element Molybdenum Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5 Vitamin B1 or Thiamine Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine HCl Green Tea extract, well known as the natural dietary element. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C Griffonia Extract Hops extract which is an extract of a golden grain plant

Phen24 is a highly popular formula that has been tried and tested by many women who swear by its effects in shedding all those extra kilos.

The name Phen24 is inspired by the fact that it is a unique supplement that works in the day when you are working as well as at night when you sleep. When combined with a healthy diet, moderate exercise and proper sleeping schedule Phen24 produces phenomenal results.

Pros of Phen24

Phen24 is known for being a catalyst that boosts up accelerates your metabolism.
It suppresses appetite, causing fewer calories to be felt needed to be consumed.
It boosts up the fat burning mechanism in your body.

Cons of Phen24

There is a strict restriction stating that breastfeeding and pregnant women should not be taking this medication without consultation from an expert doctor.

May cause minor side effects like a headache, digestive problem.


We can opt for the supplement PhenQ for many reasons; it boosts the want for having the daily workout and fills the body with energy. It increases metabolic rate by numerous times, causing accelerated fat melting ratio.

It also kills the appetite to keep the diet routine in check and improves the sleep for recovering better.

Though it has no registered or officially observed side effects, still it is completely contraindicated for the women having a pregnancy, nursing or children under 18 years. It’s restricted to be used in disorders like endocrine disorders, autoimmune disorders, prostate cancer, etc.

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Case Study and Comparing Best Fat Burners

Now you may have a problem while deciding best among those best list so I have done some case study and made a simple line graph so you can decide best among those. This graph is based on effectiveness, price, support and side effects.

According to the case study, phenq seems more expensive with a ten rate on effectiveness.

So my recommendation is phenq because we have read a lot of good reviews on their site by customers although you can try other they are also best in low price like Gracia and forskolin.


Before starting conclusion I want to tell you there are Fake supplements like Cb1 weight gainer and There may be thousands of effective supplements, and they claim themselves as a best fat burners for women but, the best six had been described as per studies.

Whatever be the compliment, keep your eyes open while buying and have a pre-consultancy before having any of them.

I would love to reply to your any comment about those products.


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